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Урок с видеоподдержкой. Тема: Literary excursion around Britain Цель - страница №1/1

Комбинированный урок с видеоподдержкой.

Тема: Literary excursion around Britain

Цель: освоение новых знаний по теме: "Литературная Британия" на основе видеофрагмента и

художественного адаптированного текста.

Задачи: 1) обобщить и проконтролировать знание пройденного материала по теме "Literary Britain".

2) научить аудированию аутентичного текста на основе видеофрагмента.

3) научить составлять монологическое высказывание на основе увиденного видеофрагмента и прочитанного текста.

Оснащение урока: карта Великобритании, видеомагнитофон, видеокассета "England, Scotland, Ireland".

План урока:

I Приветствие: Good Morning boys and girls. Glad to see you. I believe, you are all right. Are you?

Well, let's begin the lesson.

II Фонетическая зарядка: Do you know any words of famous people about reading? What are they?

"Reading makes a full man". "Reading is to the mind what exercises to the body".

"All books are divisible into two classes: the book of hour and the book of all time".
III Речевая подготовка; Well, students. Let's imagine, that we have a chance to go on a literary

excursion around Britain. Answer my questions, please.

1) What can you say about British Literature?

2) England is the birthplace of many writers, isn't it?

3) What places would you like to visit?

4) Is Wales worth visiting?

5) What can you say about Bath?

6) Whose story can you follow in South West Scotland?

Well, I think we have proved, that British Literature is rich and you know many names of famous

British writers and poets.

And have you hear about Charlotte Bronte?

What is she?

IV Предъявление нового материала:

Well, let's watch a video and learn more about Charlotte Bronte, her life and family.

But first look at the blackboard: there are some words, they'll help you to understand the film.

1) снятие трудностей:

Repeat after me:

Charlotte Bronte

West Yorkshire - Западный Йоркшир

austere = strict - строгий

Minister - священник

Charity-school - приют (для бедных детей)

2) просмотр видеофрагмента

Now, watch the video attentively, try to understand it and then you'll do some exercises.

3) Ex. 1 "True - False"

Well, I'm sure you're understand the film and let's do Ex. №1.

4) Чтение текста

And now I'll give you sheets of paper with texts. Read the first text and be ready to answer my questions.
5) ответы на вопросы

a) When was Charlotte Bronte, an English novelist of the 19-th century, born?

b) Where were Charlotte and her sisters sent when their mother died?

c) Were children happy at the charity-school?

d) What did Charlotte Bronte become when she left school?

e) What was her first novel?
6) Ex.3

Good students! Now, let's do ex.3. Match the dates to the sentences.
7) Рассказ о Ш. Бронте.

And now, it's time to listen to your stories about Charlotte Bronte and her life. Look through the text once more and be ready to tell a few words about the writer. Are there any volonties?
V. Предъявление сцены из книги

Well, we have prepared a surprise for you. Let's see and scene from the book by Charlotte Bronte

"Jane Eyre".

1) Снятие трудностей

First look at the blackboard. Repeat after me:

Jane Eyre

Mrs. Reed

Mr. Brocklehurst

The Bible

Lowood school

orphan - сирота

Well, students, be attentive and try to understand J. Eyre's story, I'm going to ask you some

questions. Our actors are a bit nervous, be kind and listen to then attentively, please.

2) просмотр сценки

3) What can you tell us about J. Eyer and her family? Pi, P2 ...

VI Домашнее задание.

Well, students. Would you like to learn more about Jane Eyre and her life at Lowood school? Look

through the text №2. Read it at home and be ready to retell it.

Good! You have worked hard. Thank you for your work. You are good students. The lesson is over.


Charlotte Bronte

Charlotte Bronte, an English novelist of the 19th century, was a contemporary of Dickens, Thackeray and E.Gaskell. She was born in a poor family in 1816. There were six children in it - five girls and one boy. Their mother died when Charlotte was a very small girl. The girls were sent to a charity-school. The girls lived at that school in cold dark rooms and were always hungry. Later Charlotte Bronte described the school in her novel "Jane Eyer".

When Charlotte Bronte left school she became a teacher at a school for girls. She began to write poems at that time. In 1846 Charlotte finished her first novel "The Professor". But the book had no success with the publishers and appeared only after the writer's death. "Jane Eyer" was Charlotte Bronte's second novel. It was published in 1848 and made the writer famous. She died in 1855.
famous - известный, знаменитый hungry - голодный

contemporary - современник to published - издавать

poor - бедный publisher – издатель
Jane Eyer
Three days passed. Then very early in the morning I left the house and never went back again. A new life began for me at Lowood school for poor girls.

A woman met me at Lowood school, carried my things and we walked to a feig house. We went into the house. A teacher came and took me into a long room with a lot of large tables round it. Girls of nine to twenty years old sat on benches round the tables. They all had brown dresses on. It was dark and cold in the room.

"Sit down on the one of the benches," said the teacher, "the girls are leaning their lessons for tomorrow. They will soon finish and you will have supper. Then you will go to bed."

For supper we had a piece of bread and some water. After that we marched to the bedroom. It was a large room with many beds. Two girls slept in each bed. In ten minutes the teacher took away the light.

The night passed quickly. In the morning it was very cold in the room. We washed our faces in water with ice in it. Then we marched to the cold school-room where lessons began. The girls read the Bible, and did exercises in their exercise-books. This lasted for an hour. Then we marched to another room for breakfast. After breakfast there was reading, writing, history and geography. Before dinner we went into the cold, windy garden for an hour.

For dinner we had some bad meat and potatoes. I ate what I could. Then we marched back to the school-room and had our lessons till five o'clock.

The next day began as before, but we could not wash. The water in the wash-room was ice.

During January, February and March there was much snow in the garden. We had no boots and could not walk far. The rooms were very cold. The food was bad and in spring many of the pupils were ill with typhus, hi May Lowood school was a hospital. Forty-five girls out of eighty were ill. We had no lessons. Many pupils went home and died there. Some girls died in the school.

Ex 1. Read and say if the following sentences are true or false:
1) Charlotte Bronte lived in West Yorkshire.

2) She lived in a large city with her 4 sisters and a brother.

3) Her father was a teacher in the village school.

4) The children all died by the age of 30 except Charlotte.

5) At 38 Charlotte got married but only 9 months later she died.

6) Charlotte Bronte was buried in Westminster Abbey.

Ex 2. Answer the questions:
Еж 3 March the dates to the sentences:
1. In 1816 a. all children died.

2. By the age of 30 b. "Jane Eyre" was published and made the writer

3. In 1848 c. Charlotte Bronte a famous English writer was born

4. At the age of 38 d. Charlotte Bronte died and was buried in the village

church by her old father.

5. In 1855 e. Charlotte finished her firs novel "The Professor",

but the book had no success with the publishers.

6. In 1846 f. Charlotte Bronte got married.
"Jane Eyre".
Ex 1. Read the text:
Ex 2. Read and say in the following sentences true or false;
1) A new life began for Jane Eyre at Lowood school for poor girls.

2) The teacher took Jane into a room with large windows.

3) For supper they had a piece of cake and some tea.

4) During the lessons the girls read the Bible and did exercises in their exercise-books

5) After breakfast they went for a walk.

6) The girls had lessons till two o'clock.

7) During January, February and March the girls couldn't walk, because they had no boots.

8) In May Lowood school was a hospital and some girls died there.
Ex 3. Find and read the description of the following;
1) the girls who lived at Lowood school

2) the bedroom, where girls slept

3) the morning next day

4) the girls' studying at Lowood school

5) the meals (supper and dinner)

6) the life at Lowood school in May.